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About us

The company GLOBAL is the natural continuation of similar activities carried out since 1989 by the REMIT. This activity is focus on the chemical product commerce as raw materials, fine chemicals and sodium chloride.

Our suppliers’ partners are in major part international companies which is always adding new sources of supply to the Asian market during 2012. To these are added, the domestic manufacturers that guarantee the supply in compliance with the most stringent technical requirements.

Most of our customers are companies which operate in the field of metal working and processing into finished products for the textile, leather tanning and for other different sectors.

GLOBAL also provides a competent service for just in time delivery and an important escort of products in stock.

An other part of the company is devoted to the commercialization of sodium chloride, with a strong presence in the market with an extensive presence in various sectors. Our manufacturers partners are important at an European level and the amount treat put us to higher levels.

Even in this case, our large capacity of storage in our warehouse is a guarantee of security of supply at critical times such as during the winter period for the use of sodium chloride on the roads.

GLOBAL has adopted a streamlined structure that allows for extremely short processing times. This is to guarantee the timeliness between order entry and delivery.


Moreover, with the ramp up of REACH, our suppliers partner we ensure the widest availability and solve in all issues related to the control system. The trend of continuous growth is the natural confirmation of the trust establishment over time between suppliers and customers.

Global recently moved to the new plant in Scarmagno. The large warehouse has been made as for stock products in IBC, brums, tanks, big bags. The offices meet the most modern functional standards.

Finally, we can add that the growth prospects are encouraging and in this perspective the investments are continuous aimed at boosting growth.

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